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Me in Arcata, CA.

Liz "Isabell" Kimbrough

I am Appropedia's newest Travel Intern and am happy to be a part of a greater global movement for change. I want to listen, learn, laugh, share, and lend two helping hands!

About me:

I am a recent graduate of Humboldt State University where I studied Botany. I am particularly interested in conservation biology with a focus in the neotropics. I hope to study ecosystems and help to develop tools to protect the land while supporting and empowering local communities. I also have a passion for “alternative” healing and am a practitioner of holistic massage, Reiki, herbalism, meditation and yoga. I enjoy singing, surfing, playing music, writing poetry and climbing trees.

My Role with Appropedia:

I am both honored and excited to be involved with Appropedia! Beginning in June 2010 I will be visiting intentional/green communities and projects in South and Central America. My goals are:

  1. To document positive functional aspects of the community /project to post on Appropedia. These aspects may be technological, social, or structural, etc.
  2. To assess if these places are an appropriate fit for the project described below.
    • Appropedia intends to establish a program that would link travelers with communities or projects focused around appropriate technology and intentional living. Travelers would be given an opportunity visit their country or region of interest and to have an in-depth experience there with an intentional community or appropriate technology project. As an alternative to volunteer travel programs in which the volunteers are contributing labor, Appropedia volunteer travelers would be asked to make contributions to the Appropedia database, updating older entries or creating primary documentation about the community they are visiting.

My flexible and evolving travel itinerary:

I welcome suggestions and invitations to communities and projects in these areas! Please feel free to check out and comment on my potential projects.

Dates (2010) Country Locations
August 15-September 10 Oaxca
September 11- end of September Puebla
October begining - October 20th Veracruz
October 20th - November begining Hidalgo
November begining - November 15th Queretaro
November 16th - December 15th State of Mexico