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About Me[edit]

My name is Jose Hernandez, I am a biochemistry major who attends Humboldt State University.

What Intrigues Me About Technology and the Environment[edit]

  1. I am interested in photovoltaic cells [1]and how to improve them.
  2. I am interested in alternative fuel, especially in the biofuel region.Algae_fuel
  3. I am interested in how humans are going to join together and help sustain the environment. Energy conservation

My Experiences in Technology and the Environment[edit]

  1. I have used hydroponics Hydroponics to organically grow tomatoes for Brawley Future Farmers of America.
  2. I have used the internet to track environmental conditions such as the weather. [2]
  3. I have used recycled products, such as recycled paper.[3]

Projects I Have Contributed to[edit]

  • Links will be posted as they happen

Pages I have Contributed to, (and how I was qualified based on research)[edit]

  • Links will be posted as they happen