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About Me[edit]

Name: Alicia Steele

I am a student at Michigan Technological university pursuing a Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Tech as well. My hobbies include, mounting biking, road biking, skiing, off roading, vehicle repair, knitting, and now 3D printing.

MY 5777 Projects[edit]

MOST Delta Improvements Under Consideration[edit]

  • LED lighting to make it easier to see extruder and detect printing problems early
  • Addition of side mounted 3D printed toolkit for Printer to hold exacto knife and wrenches
  • Design to minimize hardware and types of hardware required for construction

MOST Improvements that I would like to see[edit]

  • Calibration Program
  • Power Light
  • Better temperature control (finer Range)
  • Hardware Kill Switch that stops print, turns off extruder and drives extruder to home position overriding computer controls


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