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Construction materials are materials used for the construction of buildings. The ecological merits of materials can be compared at Ecolect and ecospecifier.

List of common materials

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  • Concrete can be made using cement (regular or eco-cement[1]) or from vulcanic ash (pozzolana) -or alternatively brick dust- and hydrated lime. Waterproof concrete can be made using vulcanic ash and clay.[2]
  • galvanized steel is waterproof, resistant to rusting,
  • stainless steel is also resistant to rust, unlike regular steel [3]
  • recyclable plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, SB; PSE, ABS PMMA, PTFE, PA, PC, PUR, EP, UP and PET. ISF has made 2 documents on how respectively discarded plastics and aluminum can be salvaged and reused in developing countries.[1]
  • wood
  • Adobe (including the variation called Super Adobe),
  • Rammed earth,
  • Compressed earth block,
  • Dutch brick,
  • Animal products,
  • Cob
  • and/or other green building materials
  • ...


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