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Green office

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Aspects of sustainability in the office:

Physical environment:


  • Paper
    • Operate electronically as far as possible, to minimize usage. This requires a very careful process of backing up electronically.
  • Turn lights off when not required.
  • Energy - choose a green energy option where possible. This generally requires a paying a little extra - do your calculations.
  • Waste management - separate your waste streams, and ensure each is processed sustainably.
    • In a small office, there may be someone in the office who lives nearby and has a compost bin or worm bin, who is happy to have some extra input from food scraps and other suitable waste.
  • Encourage use of public transport, cycling and/or walking to work:
    • Find out what would make this easier for employees, e.g. flexible start and finish times, and a change room for cyclists

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