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[ Buy Nothing Day]
[ Buy Nothing Day]
=== Sustainable energy ===
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Renewable energy in Finland|Renewable energy in Finland]], [[wikipedia:Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan|Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan]], [[wikipedia:Solar energy in Finland|Solar energy in Finland]]
=== Towards sustainable economies ===
=== Towards sustainable economies ===

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Sustainability initiatives

  • Dodo, environmental organisation which aims to approach environmental issues in an open-minded way, trying to find new perspectives, relying on the power of factual discussion. Public events, discussion groups and projects.
  • Siirtymäliike Hämeenkyrö, Transition town

Initiatives by topic


Critical Mass bicycle rides in Finland


Green purchasing

Buy Nothing Day

Sustainable energy

Wikipedia: Renewable energy in Finland, Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan, Solar energy in Finland

Towards sustainable economies

wikipedia:Cleantech Finland




wikipedia:Finnish Environment Institute

News and comment


"Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws", September 20 [1]

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Finland, Environmental issues in Finland

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  1. GigaOM