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User experience, sometimes called UX, is important to make Appropedia a usable and enjoyable site for visitors.

Note: work on the tech side of user experience is being managed in this BetterMeans workstream which lets us track tasks. Please sign up there if you'd like to help out.

New skin

See Appropedia:User experience/New skin


Web ring

In principle...

In conversations with Peter Campbell, we've discussed having a web ring for relevant green/dev sites - especially wikis, but possibly other useful and/or collaborative websites as well. Chief contenders:

The important questions are:

  • Is this adding value for users?
  • Are they providing similar links back to us?


  • A template on the main page, at the bottom. Simple, quick to do.
  • has a row of links to related sites as part of the skin, at the top of every page.

Url bar buttons

The recent changes feed is not much use except to the hardest of hardcore wiki geeks, so AboutUs puts their blog feed in their header: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0" href="" /> We can do this for our blog, but it would be even cooler if we had a community wiki blog (like the Estigmergia wlog).

The Universal Edit Button also goes in the url bar.

Information architecture

Some aspects of IA (Information Architecture) are hard to separate out from UX, especially:

  • Left navbar links - do an initial carding exercise ASAP? (With students? When giving a talk?)
  • The Topic categories issue.

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