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There are many different projects that deserve support. Consider this a brainstorming page, and write down anything you can think of.
#REDIRECT [[Appropedia:Fundraising/project proposals]]
* seek [[open license]] releases for valuable content (possible in connection with [[OLPC]] and/or [[Summer of Content]]).
* restructure content (along the lines of the [[Appropedia:Mozilla Foundation grant application|Mozilla proposal]])
* oversee development of [[OLPC content bundles]]
* pursue [[Appropedia:Memorandum of Understanding|MoUs]]
* manage [[Appropedia:Volunteers|volunteers]]
* tech work
:* do specific tech tasks and/or
:* be responsible for all tech tasks and/or
:* oversee technical work (UI, features, etc) incl managing volunteers and/or paid developers
:* [[Improving translation tools for MediaWiki]] - possible joint grant proposal with other interested parties.
[[Category:Appropedia funding]]

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