Youth Central Program

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Members of Youth Central Program

The Youth Central Program (Y.C.P.) is created to help the children and youths of the community. It aims to help children and youth physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The objective of this program is to envisage the transformation of our nation by empowering young people which will develop a well-driven and passionate youth to be the future leaders of the next generation. It also aim to empower the youth by making good deeds in different fields and make them as stewards of change to achieve sustainable development goals which will foresee a brighter tomorrow for a stronger foundation of our city.

One of the many projects of Youth Central Program is to help in building a stable and responsive support system for youth and children. Through this, the youth of the community will have someone to lean on and someone to talk to.

The Youth Central Program also gives information about anxiety and depression strategies in order to cope and manage the increasing stress of which the youths of today suffer from.

It also conducts fun activities for youths and children of the community in order to relieve the children of stress and negative vibes. These activities are also important to build the self-esteem of youths.

Overall, the Youth Central Program is created for the betterment of youths of the community. It is created to help nurture the children and youth to grow up healthy and happy.