Wire Holder

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Printed Wire Holder
Wire holder being used in an MTU undergrad electronic lab

Team[edit | edit source]

Nicholas Lanter Undergrad student, Computer Engineering

Logan Brueck Undergrad student, Mechanical Engineering

Project[edit | edit source]

Test Lead Holder


An open source wire lead holder that can be easily printed for any lab. Saving both time and money.

A commercial off the shelf wire holder would cost about $15, this holder will cost $2.03 to print and mount. It can be printed in just a few hours which would be much faster than if you had to order and ship one.

Prototype[edit | edit source]

Bill Of Materials

  • 3x #6 sheet metal screws @ $0.11 per screw
  • Approximately 70 grams of PLA or equivalent filament @$0.24 per gram. $1.70

Total Cost ~$2.03 Versus $15 Pomona Holder

Print Settings and Instructions

  • 0.2 mm layer height
  • 2 perimeters
  • 3 top and bottom layers
  • 20% infill

These settings will deliver good quality and strong results.

Installation and Use

  • Install using 3x #6 sheet metal screws and slide wire holder over screws, then tighten.

Files[edit | edit source]