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Project Sorebutts[edit | edit source]

Problem "In developing countries spinal cord injuries are normally (80%) followed by death within 2 years as a result of pressure sore related problems." [1]

Summary "Pressure relieving cushions have been used in the management of spinal cord injury for many years and are provided as part of the rehabilitation process routinely. They fall into broad catagories: contoured (standard shape or customized) which can be made of many different materials ranging from foam to cardboard; flat (normally foam or gel); air flotation; liquid flotation; gel; and combinations of the above. This group's paper describes "a prototype low cost cushion design, using commonly available materials, which may have some relevance for individuals with spinal cord injury in developing countries.[2]

Developers Ralf Hotchkiss, Peter Pfaelzer RESNA SIG 17 (Special Interest Group 17 (International Appropriate Technology of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America)

Websites Project Sorebutts