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Web Soil Survey-Alfalfa Growth Method

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1. Go to

2. Click on ‘START WSS’.

3. Click on ‘Area of Interest (AOI)’.

4. Click ‘Quick Navigation’ and ‘Address’. Enter the address of the desired location.

5.Click the ‘AOI’ button above the map and select the desired area.

6.Click on ‘Soil Data Explorer’ and then ‘Soil Reports’.

7. Click ‘Vegetative Productivity’ in the left column.

8. Click ‘Non-irrigated Yields by Map Unit’ and select ‘alfalfa’.

9. Click ‘View Soil Report’ and record all of the values given for number of tons.

10. Click ‘Sustainabilities and Limitations for Use’ and follow the same process (7-9) to find the number of acres for each type of soil.

11. Divide the ‘tons/yr’ value by the ‘total acres’ value to get the number of tons/acre/yr for each type of soil. Use the largest of these.

12. Because these are values for dry matter, multiply ‘tons/acre/yr’ by 3.333 to account for the moisture factor.

13. Divide this value by .00110231 to convert to ‘kg/acre/yr’.

14. Divide this value by the number of days in a growing season (approx 180).

15. Divide the above value by 2x and 4x the average weight of a doe (3.2 kg) to find the number of rabbits/acre that can be sustained.

These instructions will give values for the approximate number of rabbits that can be sustained per acre on soley grass.

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