Water supply in Busukuma, Uganda

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The Water situation in busukuma needs adrastic improvement,rightnow,water only flows during the rainy season,but not during the dry season,in adition,children often drink from and urinate in the water supply,and animals{both wild and domesticated}drink from it,carrying an orgarnism called Verde which infects the local people.We need volunteers to help us reconstruct the bole hole in the pump,possibly the pump it self,and digmore and deeper ditches so the water can flow during the dry season as well.An expert told us it might cost $1450 to do this work. One qn we need to ask should we charge villagers asmall fee for these improvements? Your help and advice is greatly apreciated!!

Tasks and photos to follow soon!

Reconstructing the Bolehole or the pump itself:

We would like volunteers with aback ground in engineering to help us renovate the bolehole in the pump,or if needed,the whole pump its self,to ensure that drinking water flows in the dry season as well.On-site management may be necessary.