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Plastic can be turned into a number of useful products, one of which is Oil.

Converting to oil involves either a Pyrolysis process or Thermodynamic Cracking.

There are a number of companies producing products that work in this field.

Commercial systems[edit | edit source]

Widely publicised has been Blests machine however there are concerns about the energy balance in this equation as it appears to use 3kWh to produce 1 liter of oil (10kWh energy value), over 3 hours. Thus taking a long time to repay the capital cost of the machine ¥1,060,000 (around US$12,700), even presuming that the cost of collecting and separating the plastic consumed was zero.

Larger systems exist such as Envion which have a high (details?) starting price.

There do not appear yet to be any systems somewhere between table-top size and full-size industrial plants.

Other companies entering this field include:

  • Ectomy using Thermodynamic Cracking, but give no other details on the technology.
  • GBIsafety, Quality and Experience to Work on Your Next Project.

Open Source or Humanitarian Licenced[edit | edit source]

There do not appear to be any open-source or humanitarian licensed developments in this area yet.

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