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Wagon with solar panels for walking

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This project is about a wagon for walking with solar panels.

In the project "A sustainable walkabout from Ystad to Stockholm with the global goals and open data" a stroller was rebuilt to carry the payload and some solar panels. This page documents how it was built.

Understanding the market[edit]

For a long walk (>1,000 km) a backpack is not enough to carry all essential camping gear. Add to it the need to work remotely, you end up with too much to carry at all.

This wagon will solve both these needs, and can make you independent of everything except food and water.

Project goals[edit]

To create a wagon that will:

  1. carry all necessary camping gear
  2. carry enough solar panels to be self sufficient on energy (and be able to charge while walking)
  3. be easy enough to handle and get you 20 km per day for a long time (several months)


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Stroller and box[edit]

Solar panel array[edit]

Optional: camera fitting[edit]


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Next steps[edit]

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