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Volunteers in Technical Assistance

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Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) is a US-based private, nonprofit, international development organization that worked for 42 years helping to empower the poor and fostering self-sufficiency in developing countries, with emphasis on appropriate small-scale technologies for agriculture, food processing, renewable energy, water supply and sanitation, housing and construction, small business development. VITA's worldwide roster of volunteer technical experts responded to thousands of technical inquiries from around the world on development issues and problems each year.

From the Enterprise Works website:

Fighting poverty with profit. For more than 40 years in 100 countries, EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV) has worked to combat poverty by helping small producers and other entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that create jobs and increase productivity, market opportunities and incomes. EWV achieves this by expanding access to appropriate technologies, technical assistance, knowledge and finance.

In 2005 VITA merged with EnterpriseWorks, a Washington (DC) based international non-profit organization that works with small business development programs. In July 2009 EnterpriseWorks/VITA announced a merger with Relief International.[1]

In 2009 Enterprise Works/VITA merged with Relief International, "a humanitarian non-profit agency that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide".


VITA produced approximately 160 publications. These are mostly introductions to various technical fields. These publications were produced by VITA technical advisers on a volunteer basis or by other organisations on behalf of VITA - see the introduction to each document for details. Any copyrights owned by VITA are now owned by Relief International.

Relief International advise (3 May 2011) that:

  • They do not believe VITA publications have ever been published under an Open Access license.
  • They are considering options for how they want to license VITA content.
  • Until this is resolved any VITA content on Appropedia should have the {{VITA}} template added to it, which will display the following standard notice:
VITA publications
Copyright. Do not change the body text, and be careful about reusing - we do not have clear permission to modify this work, and permissions for reuse are currently under discussion.

This content may be out of date. Take appropriate precautions before relying on it.
Volunteers in Technical Assistance is now part of Relief International.
Relief International are considering their licensing policy for this content. Until this is resolved you should get their permission before publishing or distributing this content.

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