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s that grow on vines have many advantages. They can:

  • be easy-to-grow useful plants
  • often grow in pot, on a balcony
  • grow up a makeshift trellis or balcony railing
  • provide an easy supply of vegetables for eating raw or cooking. Picking shortly before cooking or eating means better flavor.

Some fruit vines are also vegetable vines, being multi-purpose plants whose leaves (for example) can also be eaten.

Examples of vegetable vines[edit | edit source]

  • Beans. Many kinds of beans can be eaten in their fresh form, after rather than having to be dried. They can be eaten in their immature form too - round beans and butter beans being popular versions which can be eaten without having to remove a "string". (Can all beans be eaten in their immature form?)
  • Pumpkins and some other kinds of squash - both the fruit and sometimes the leaves[verification needed] can be eaten.

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