clover for green manure

Veganic farming, or stock-free farming, uses only plants, with no animal wastes as fertilizer, or other animal products. A sustainable thinking.

The trick is to use "green manure" crops that are grown and composted on-site, then added to fields to maintain soil fertility.

What are the veganic growing methods? Veganic Farming: The Importance of Sustainable Agriculture | EOU To the greatest extent possible, veganic farmers look for local sources of fertility, ranging from producing mulch and wood chips on the farm itself to locally sourcing biomass and plant meal. Depending on the location, veganic farmers may use anything from locally sourced seaweed to spent hops from local breweries.

The best book on the subject is Growing Green - Organic techniques for a sustainable future by Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst (published by Vegan Organic Network.

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