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Home built vaporators, an idea for a solar-powered water vapor condensing device.

Looking for someone to build one and see how it works[edit]

Briefly, farmers in dry lands have always known how to loosely stack piles of rocks above their fields, knowing that with each dawn as the air warms and moves water would condense on the underside of the cool stone and drip into the soil.

My proposal is for a metal or concrete container set back into a hillside and buried in order to take advantage of the temperature differential between the surface in daylight and the soil below grade. A blackened pipe comes out of the top and creates a venturi effect as it heats in the sun drawing warm moist air in at the base. As it cools in the underground chamber the water vapor carried by the air condenses on the sides of the chamber and drips into the collector basin and down into a storage container or directly onto crops. Once built there is no cost to it's operation, so it wouldn't matter if it just dripped. Four or five of them set into a sunny hillside could irrigate a garden. Nice idea but it needs testing. Probably would work best in sunny humid locations. Maybe useful to people who need to grow things but have no access to a well or local water supplies.

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