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The vanilla pods are green when growing.

Vanilla is a spice derived from the dark brown pod of certain orchids from he genus Vanilla.[1]. The main source of vanilla is from the Mexican flat-leafed vanilla (V. planifolia). The orchid is native to South America.


When the vanilla pod is first picked, it is a yellow-green colour. The pod turns the well known brown colour only after it has been cured and dried.

Growing vanilla[edit]

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(Hand pollination or appropriate bee pollination should be covered.)

Uses for vanilla[edit]

Vanilla has numerous culinary uses, both sweet and savoury. It is well known in vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake, vanilla custard, etc. Vanilla is often used as a base flavouring for many sweets before other flavourings are added.

Vanilla pods can be reused a few times before they no longer release the flavour; just be sure to dry them properly before storing again.

Sources and Citations[edit]

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