Ramani (talk) 23:35, 28 July 2015 (PDT)

Hello Mr. George,[edit source]

Hope you are doing well. Firstly, we would like to appreciate your courage and patience in curing yourself off diabetes. Being the parents of a diabetic kid, we perfectly understand the challenges you had faced to get rid of the illness. We are from Hyderabad. Our 6-year-old son was diagnosed type 1 diabetic on August 1st of last year. Even though he took insulin for the first 15 days, eventually it occurred to us that his pancreas was back to functioning as he was getting lows. He currently comes under type 2 diabetics. We had also gone through different scientific articles on the internet and understood the dangers of giving insulin from outside. So we immediately put him under carbohydrate restriction with the cooperation of the little insulin he was able toe. Further, with the consultation of a herbal practitioner, we are now able to feed him about 50g of carbohydrate(mainly rice, sometimes chapathi) per meal. He has only fruits for the breakfast, 10 spoons of rice with 2 cups of vegetables (salad/curry) each for lunch and dinner. In between he has juices as snacks (orange in the morning i.e, 2 hours after breakfast/carrot/cucumber/tomato in the evening i.e, 2 hours after lunch). This is to give maximum rest to the digestive system, the doctor says. He takes apple juice before going to bed. No sweets, no starchy vegetables, no pulses and no nuts. He takes jaggery water in case he gets low. He takes beans and green gram moderately. His PPBS values are now <150 most of the times except during any illness that his values shoot up till 200mg. His HbA1C results drawn about 15 days back was 5.6. His FBS values are always <100. We came through your website ‘Appropedia.org’ two days ago and felt very happy that we got atleast one person completely cured of this deadly disease. We hope your experience in fighting the disease might help us in getting our son cured. We have some queries though and would like to contact you for the same. For example, taking his young age into consideration, will there be any changes in the ‘Long Wheat Mash’ Diet Regime that you followed; as he is currently under carbohydrate restriction, is it ok if he takes the Long Wheat Mash stomach full…….etc etc. We also messaged you on your Facebook (our id – Ramani Srikiran) account and it’ll be helpful for us if you send us your contact number. We pray to the almighty to provide us with all the strength and patience to cure our child with your valuable advice. Waiting for your early reply… Thanking you, Ramani and Shashank.

Dear Mr Ramani[edit source]

I shall get in touch soon. George E M Shooter (talk) 09:33, 1 August 2015 (PDT)