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My house travelling up 101

About Me[edit]

Zach Alva
First Year transfer student at HSU in the Environmental Resource Engineering (ERE) program (Junior). Outside of school I enjoy training competitively as a Sprint Kayak racer, as well as playing classical music and ragtime on the piano.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • I have yet to determine exactly what my interests in Engineering are. At this moment, what I do know is that I am drawn to the principle of Environmental Engineering, i.e. the principle of creating necessary systems not only to perform their societal needs, but also to serve the needs of the associated natural ecosystems.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

Most of my experience to date is in construction, as well as a few engineering classes.

  • I worked construction professionally for 2 summers.
  • My girlfriend and I designed and built the tiny house that I currently live in.
  • I took 3 units of engineering specific coursework at my community college, and am currently enrolled in 12 engineering specific units at HSU.
  • Check out this video to see the Rube Goldberg my Engr 215 group just made and presented 9/12/19.