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Name will d
Registered 2008
Impact 1,097
Contributions Assomada Solar Desalination Project
Noyemberyan Armenia composting toilet
Peace Corps

I'm currently administrator for the Peacecorpswiki, http://www.peacecorpswiki.com/

I have an interest in geography, architecture, urban design, and art. One of my current interests is researching the planning activities of past and present civilizations in order to investigate the history of sustainable design and resource management.... I would like to work on the development of new strategies for sustainable design solutions (with economic incentives) which result in more effective resource management(in micro watersheds around the world).

I worked in the Peace Corps fostering community based ideas to build sustainable livelihoods and community design schemes in the mountainous highlands of Armenia. I have experience designing, building, and managing projects with the Urban Institute, EU, USAID, and International Red Cross.

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