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I am a student at Cal Poly Humboldt (HSU) in Arcata, CA. My major is Industrial Technology with emphasis in Design. My minor is Appropriate Technology. I plan to pursue a Master's Degree, studying Organology, Industrial Design, and further go into depth in sustainable building methodology. My goal is to run a firm that designs, manufactures, and markets musical instruments and equipment made with sustainable and/or recycled materials.

I have several failsafe plans as well:

I plan on enrolling as a concurrent student at College of the Redwoods (CR) in Eureka, CA. I would like to further explore Industrial Technology, as the laboratory at CR, I hear, is excellent; if not better than the one we have here at HSU. I would love to get a Mechanics credential and a Welding credential at CR, as well.

I've played the piano for 15 years, the guitar and bass guitar for 6 years, currently learning the banjo, and can keep a lively beat on the drums. Live performance is what I love to do best. Music, by far, is my strong suit and so if all else fails this will be the way I collect my cool pennies.

My Favorite Websites[edit | edit source]

Please, laugh at me...[edit | edit source]

In the summer of 2007, my family and I went to the Philippines for about a month. Quite the experience one attains when in a third-world country, but nonetheless, beautiful, unique, and welcoming (well, in most parts...). The following photographs are of me eating a Filipino specialty: "baulut," otherwise known as duck fetus.

  • The Preparation...

Preparing to eat a duck fetus in the Philippines.jpg

  • The Nibble...

Eating the duck fetus for the first time.jpg

  • The Digust...

Reaction to eating a duck fetus.jpg

  • Down It...

Pounding a beer after eating a duck fetus.jpg

  • The Remains...

The remains of a fuck fetus after a nibble.jpg

  • Survival...

Surviving after eating a duck fetus.jpg

As a half-Filipina myself, I must say, "DUDE! Never again..."

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