About Me:[edit | edit source]

Name: Jimmy Vasquez

The outdoor environment has always, in one form or another, been beautiful to me. The delicate balance that maintains life is a clear sign that harmful practices will inevitably yield results of direct proportion. Unnecessarily assigning blame has the potential to slow progress. As an aspiring steward of the world's population, I believe careful planning and the imptemention of sustainable solutions, both physical and social, are key to securing a better future. It is the hope for a better future, coupled with my abilities and interests, that continually attract me to the field of environmental engineering.

Engineering Interest:[edit | edit source]

  • The amount of problem solving required in this field.
  • The fact that engineers save more lives than any other career field.
  • The ability to help our Earth and create a more sustainable environment for us all.
  • The ability to get dirty at work from time to time.

Engineering Experience:[edit | edit source]

  • Presently working with World Shelters in conjunction with 3 other students to ehance the level of ultraviolet resistance properties for the U-dome temporary shelter.
  • Designing an Appropedia page with Chetco Jamgochian
  • Engineering 115 Class with Dustin Poppendieck
  • Engineering 351 Class with Eileen Cashman
  • World Shelters Design Project: Prolonging U-Dome lifespan.

Example Documents[edit | edit source]

  • Example Document collaboratively written with Engineering 215 design group.
  • Example Memo this is an example memo that I wrote for my Engineering 215 design project document Section 5 Specifications.
  • Example Time Sheet this is an example timesheet created in excel used for the engineering 215 design project.
  • Example Gantt Chart this is the Gantt chart created on Open Pario project management site for my engineering 215 design project.
  • Example AutoCAD this is an AutoCAD image of the individual panels of World Shelters' U-Dome shelter.

Favorite Sites:[edit | edit source]

 My favorite sites on Appropedia are:

I also like:

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Favorite Sites[edit source]

My favorite site on Appropedia is:

I also like:

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