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Name The Doctor/Doctor Who
Interests Health and safety, Energy, Food and agriculture, Permaculture, Water and sanitation
Registered 2018
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Hello, I am The Doctor, (or sometimes people call me Doctor Who). I am a time-lord who travels in time and space. I travel in a time machine, called The Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension In Space). I know, it is shaped like a British blue police phone booth, but it is really cool on the inside. It's small on the outside; but bigger on the inside. On the inside, it is endless, which can be very dangerous, as you can get lost in there. You could bump into other aliens; and you will be in trouble, so don't go that far.

I am from the planet Galifrey, which I once destroyed. I stole The Tardis from that planet, so as far as I am concerned, it's better off if I do not return there any time soon...

I travel on so many adventures with my companions. They are mostly human; others are aliens.

I can read a book in seconds. I have a grand-daughter called Susan. I wonder where and what she is doing now... I wonder?

As far as death, I never die, but I regenerate into a newly body. It can happen at any time. My body can where a bit thin, or sometimes being exterminated by a Dalek from the planet Skaro. The planet Skaro and the Dalek city. Skaro was home to the Kaleds and Thals. A Nuclear war broke out between the two races. The Kaleds chief scientist Davros created a casing for mutated Kaleds, he called it a 'Mark 3 travel machine' later to be known as a Dalek.

I can regenerate into any gender, race, religion, ethnicity or whatever... I have two hearts. I am an alien, but I look like a regular human.

I have some really super gadgets that I use. I have a sonic screwdriver, also called a sonic probe or simply the sonic. It's a highly versatile tool used by many people throughout the universe, the most prominent of them being me. They modified and ostensibly upgraded it over the years, giving it an increasing number of applications. Early versions were used mainly for the picking of locks and for projecting sound so as to, for example, detonate objects and fry circuitry. By the time I was the Ninth Doctor, the sonic was able to also be used as a sophisticated scanning device, with medical applications. Subsequent incarnations gave it even wider functionality, such as the ability to hack into computers, provide geolocation and actively defend against some types of assault weapons by frying their internal mechanics and causing the weapons to burst into flames and spark from the inside. The tool seemed to have electromagnetic properties and abilities, as it could be used to electrify the nervous system, and could create powerful frequencies and signals, as well as use sound to carry out its functions, even to the point where three of its latest incarnations where able to create a sonic force blast powerful enough to repel and destroy a Dalek while working together, as well as shoot green sonic energy waves to briefly incapacitate or stun a target.

I also have a wallet of physic paper. Psychic paper is a blank, white card that had special properties. When shown to a person, it could usually induce them to see whatever the user wished them to see printed on it. However, it proved useless on geniuses such as William Shakespeare (TV: The Shakespeare Code) or people with feeble imaginations, such as Fenton. (TV: Flatline) It was often used by me in my later incarnations. It served as a "get out of jail free card", allowing me to avoid many setbacks.

As far as I know it, I am a female.

I think Appropedia is a great website. You can revert any vandalism and disruptive edits from other users that try to do so to articles, as well as user pages... they will be blocked from editing.

Anyway, if you would like to leave me a message, feel free on my talk page... User talk:The Doctor.

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