User: Sean Scsavnicki[edit | edit source]

A picture of me in an OSHE Polo.

Hello, I am Sean Scsavnicki. I am enrolled at Michigan Technological University pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree. I like to learn new things such as how to use 3D printers, basic Arduino projects, and designing specialty parts using CAD that can be 3D printed.

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • CAD part designing
  • Mechatronics
  • 3D Printing
  • Open Source

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • I currently use a Prusa i3 clone, and am currently learning more about how 3D printers and Gcode work
  • Two semesters spent in OSHE

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Semester 1 Fall 2018

Granulator and Insulation This semester I have aided Jacob Franz in getting the granulator up and running again for use in other projects, but primarily for use in the recycled insulation project. The granulator in our lab is being used, and is not a completed working machine (without constant maintenance), and so this semester new granulation screens are being constructed and as a final step in the project of the granulator; different power usage information will be collected when the machine granulates certain types of plastic waste.

Lab Update This semester I have also done some work on improving the area in which we work on projects. Many quality-of-life improvements are being worked on such as: removing useless file cabnients from the lab, allocating space for team projects and personal projects in a logical way, creation of a system where parts are automatically requested to be ordered by use of google sheets, and organization of slicer profiles for each 3D printer in their own SD card.

Semester 2 Spring 2019

Granulator MKII This semester work was continued with the enterprise's granulator. Data was collected and processed to complete its appropedia page and final report. With immeasureable help from Arvind Ravindred, the sound and vibration of the granulator was studied and plans were created to reduce the sound level emanating from the machine. These plans were carried out, and the results of these changes are located on the appropedia page for Granulator MKII. *Granulator MK II OSHE

Sustainability house collaboration This semester members of the Sustainability enterprise on the campus of MTU reached out to us to grind up thermoplastics and create house numbers with the brick of plastic. This project was to test the feasibility of using the granulator and furnace to see if grinding up recyclable plastics was efficient. Grinding up PETE is not efficient, with around 3 hours of granulation per kilogram of plastic ground down. Currently, it is unknown whether or not other recyclable thermoplastics are more efficient This project is not finished yet, as the plastic did not set right. This is included in the *Granulator MK II OSHE report

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