Me shooting a casual fun look while waiting to find my professional picture.
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Name Philip Spillman
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Location Michigan, USA
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 777 Users 2019
Courses MY4777
Registered 2019
Impact 2,376
Contributions 777 OSH Science project 2019

I am a Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in German at Michigan Technological University. I have interests in all forms of Mechanical Engineering. I am currently taking classes in Aerospace, Metal Casting, Nanotechnology, and Open-Source 3D Printing. I have experience with OpenSCAD, Solidworks, Siemens NX, FreeCAD, Blender, AutoCAD, Matlab, Altair Hyperworks, ANSYS APDL, Minitab, LMS AMESim, Engineering Process Flow, Quality Management, and Open-Source Technology. I am a quick learner and like to ask questions when I am trying to understand new topics, items, and ideas.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Currently working on projects for the MSE4777 Open-Source Printing class at Michigan Tech.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit | edit source]

I will be updating broken links as the projects are completed.

My Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

My Big Projects[edit | edit source]

Cool 3D printer upgrades/technology/news[edit | edit source]

Perler Bead Modification for Delta

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