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Parthipan Kanagaraj

About Myself[edit | edit source]

I am a Graduate student at Michigan Technological University, pursuing my Master's in Electrical & Computer Engineering specializing in Power Systems and Renewable Energy Development. I have completed my Bachelor's in the field of Electrical and Electronics. I have also worked as a power system consultant and I'm interested in finding solutions to mitigate the impacts of renewable energy sources on the modern electricity grid.

Professional Experience[edit | edit source]

I have worked on the following projects as a power system engineer with PRDC from August 2017 to December 2020.

Power Grid Improvement[edit | edit source]

Provided simulation solutions for Improvement of electrical distribution network by accounting reliability and technical analysis.

  • Developed 22kV distribution network in power systems analysis software MiPower®.
  • Ideal placement of shunt capacitor and transmission line reconductoring to improve system voltage and to reduce power loss.
  • Ideal placement of automatic reclosures to isolate the faulted section from the main feeder, by referring IEEE-493 for conductor failure rate and repair time.
  • Calculated reliability indices (SAIDI, SAIFI, and ASAI) for the unplanned outages for the distribution system.

Hybrid renewable energy system with energy storage[edit | edit source]

Developed superlative internal evacuation scheme by accounting reliability, optimal reactive power adequacy, minimal energy loss and short circuit fault levels and motor starting analysis for pumped hydro as energy storage.

  • Developed node-breaker model of the internal evacuation network in MiPower®.
  • Load flow studies to compute the transmission energy loss incurred.
  • Techno-economic analysis for the selection of feasible evacuation network.
  • Estimated revenue lost in the superlative evacuation scheme due to losses in the internal evacuation system for the span of entire plant life.
  • Short circuit studies to suggest feasible bus-bar ampacity and circuit breaker rating.
  • Reactive power compensation solutions to maintain the voltage profile and power factor during adverse grid conditions.
  • Mathematical modeling of DFIM for the motor starting analysis.

Renewable Curtailment Analysis[edit | edit source]

Provided technical solutions to mitigate renewable generation curtailment.

  • Identification of generation curtailment by analyzing the voltage profile, transmission congestion and frequency deviation.
  • Batteries/energy storage or alternative evacuation routes to mitigate curtailment.
  • Techno-analysis to compare the energy loss incurred during curtailment and capital cost investment of battery storage.

Renewable Power Evacuation Studies[edit | edit source]

To provide power evacuation feasibility by identifying transmission bottlenecks during various grid conditions

  • EHT network (11kV to 765kV) was modeled in MiPower® and validated by matching the real-time power flows.
  • Evacuation feasibility during normal and N-1, N-2 and N-1-1 contingency conditions.
  • LVRT characteristics of the wind farm during faulted conditions.
  • Suitable conductor and transmission tower design to optimize SIL.

Academic Project Experience[edit | edit source]

Vector Control of PWM rectifier for Permanent magnet wind electric generator[edit | edit source]

To optimize power from a 500W PMSG connected to DC microgrid via a single-stage AC-DC converter

  • Closed-loop vector control system for a type-4 wind turbine connected to a DC microgrid to achieve maximum power.
  • Load angle control methodology is verified to achieve power transfer to the grid.
  • Perturb and observe algorithm is utilized for Maximum power point tracking to achieve maximum power transfer to the DC microgrid.

PV cut-off plug and play[edit | edit source]

To develop a grid-tied PV system connected to a residential house, exclusively for self-consumption by preventing feedback of power to the grid. Currently working on the literature review, mentored by Professor J.M.Pearce

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