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Local economic theory works like this:

You make your own local currency when you make your own work. You can print new currency if you have lots of optimism of how your community is growing, otherwise don't print it. Poor monetary policy causes inflation and deflation. You never want either. You want it to be as stable as the things you use remain stable.

Old currency pays you when you do things it likes (like towards the old oil-consuming paradigm). New currency pays you when you do things it likes, too. It just likes things that are sustainable, balanced with the feminine, and make community. See the DIY page for ideas for local value generation.

Keep the outer currency system separate and only get paid in it when you are doing work outside your community, otherwise you won't know when you're making value because of your values or the system's oil-dependent values. Understand?

Times you can bring in outside currency:

  • You did work outside your community and got paid for it.
  • You made an item inside your community and sold it to someone outside of it or gave a tour of your community to an outsider who paid you in their currency.
  • You exchanged it with your own local currency.

The key concept is to value things based on the value you've created in your community. This valuation is done through another lens: their economy (rather than just your own).

Times you lose your inside currency and it leaves the system:

  • An outsider did some work in your community and got paid in your currency.
  • You want something from outside your community (a loaf of bread to a computer) and they're willing to accept your foreign currency (because it looks so cool, too!).
  • You just gave some away to an outsider for some of their filthy luchre.

Follow these rules, and you'll see if your community is growing in value or losing value relative to your outer economy. Of course, you're following higher guidelines for government and economics, so you should skyrocket ahead of the old, crusty paradigm. To compare, you measure the lowest currency unit in one system to another. Abstractly, the penny should be equal to one credit in the World Game, but practically, your credits should be shiny, cooler and worth more. If it isn't growing, find me. I need to diagnose it, because I designed it.

Set aside a cork board and post the Pangaia World Game. This makes fun use of ad hoc governance and generates new currency. It's a fulfillment of Buckminister Fuller's concept of a World Peace Game and has no barrier to economic participation (save being able to read and post a note). You'll be making money in no time, just by giving your honest opinion.

With the World Game, you can set up tasks, bounties, quests (adventures), and offers (things you make that you're willing to sell). These are called BOTQs and how you're community will become rich and *famous* (with your own money and value-system, of course)!

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