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I'm a second year MES student at Queen's University with a background in mechanical engineering and science, technology and society. While studying at Queen's I hope to indulge my passion for sustainability as it relates to both engineering and the social sciences. I am particularly interested in the policy surrounding environmental and green design as well as Canadian Northern issues, including energy, sovereignty and aboriginal issues.

Research Topic[edit | edit source]

I am currently completing a research project that focuses on reducing diesel dependency in Nunavut, Canada by exploring the introduction of renewable energy technologies (RETs).

Here is a link to my project: Renewable energy policy in the north

Pictures from my Field Research in Nunavut[edit | edit source]

Thesis Literature Review[edit | edit source]

Government PV Manufacturing Policy Lit Review (MECH 836 Project)[edit | edit source]

Publications and Conference Abstracts[edit | edit source]

McDonald, N.C., Pearce, J.M., Overcoming Barriers for Reduction of Diesel Dependency with Renewable Energy Technologies in Nunavut, ArcticNet 7th Annual Scientific Meeting, Ottawa, 14‐17 December 2010.

McDonald, N.C., Pearce, J.M., [ Producer responsibility and recycling solar photovoltaic modules], Energy Policy 38(11), pp. 7041–7047, 2010.
Scitopics page:

Dirk V. P. McLaughlin, Nicole C. McDonald, Ha T. Nguyen and J.M. Pearce, Leveraging Photovoltaic Technology for Sustainable Development in Ontario's First Nations Communities, Journal of Sustainable Development 3(3), pp. 3‐13, 2010.

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