Biography[edit | edit source]



I am a Graduate Student in Electrical and Computer Department at Michigan Technological University with main area of concentration in Power Systems.I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Gujarat Technological University in India.I did Post Graduation Diploma Certificate in Industrial Automation gaining some industrial experience working with PLC's, SCADA and other automation systems. Power System Operations and Protection are two main fields in which I am interested. Renewable Energy Sources where always there in market but with improved material science and mechanical designs they are now capable of working independently in their own Grid. Integrating this Renewable Energy sources Photovoltaics with conventional Grid is the main challenge in Energy market. Development in communication systems and with better measuring instruments Smart Grids are developed which are more reliable and Stable.

Area of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Power System Operations and Control
  • Power System Analysis
  • Power System Protection
  • Sustainable Development
  • Renewable Energy (Solar)

Current Courses

  • EE5490 - Solar Photovoltaic Technology
  • EE 5223/5224 - Power System Protection
  • EE 5250 Distribution Engineering

Courses Completed

  • EE 5200 Advanced Methods in Power Systems Analysis
  • EE 5230 Power System Operations
  • EE 4510 Sustainable Futures

Projects[edit | edit source]

Currently working[edit | edit source]

Grid Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Systems Under Prof. Joshua Pearce

Completed[edit | edit source]

EHV Cable Parameters and Bonding Schemes'

  • Modeled Underground cable in ATP and obtained results for various Bonding Schemes. Analysis for both Normal Conditions and Short Circuit Conditions were done. Under Dr Bruce Mork

Optimal Transmission Switching'

  • Developed code for 5 Bus and 14 Bus system in GAMS and obtained Results showing economical savings in doing switching operations. This switching is very much useful for Congestion Management and when Line Loadind occurs Under Prof. Sumit Paudyal

LCA for Different types of Solar Cells'

  • Performed Life Cycle Assessment for various types of solar cells and concluded that Carbon Emissions done by Thin Film Solar Cells are less in comparison to Silicon Crystalline Cells using SimaPro Software. Under Dr David Shonnard

Transmission Line Fault Detection'

  • Detected fault like hot spots on cable, sagging of overhead line,and continuous monitoring of cable temperature by using sensors and motors using microcontroller with it.

Software Packages[edit | edit source]

MATLAB, Simulink, Power World, EMTP - ATP, GAMS, ASPEN, CYME, MS-Office, SCADA Wonderware , Siemens PLC.

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