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I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Enterprise. I'm the leader and co-founder of the Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise (Official website), and lab manager for the Audio Engineering Society. I will be graduating in the spring and starting work at Ford Motor Company in their FCG rotational program.

Took the class https://www.appropedia.org/MY4777 Fall of 2014.

Enterprise Fall 2015[edit | edit source]

This semester I continued to oversee and handle the 3D printing business side of the Enterprise. As the team leader, I kept track of the budget and our financial state, as well as overseeing all the projects. I mainly split my focus between managing the Ford C3 Grant project and getting the Lasersaur up and running.

C3 Grant Project[edit | edit source]

The initial granulator prototype is almost complete. Andy Schaub and Peter Gorecki have done some great work on the design and machining, and I am ready to install the electronics as soon as the body is assembled. My main contributions have been ordering the parts and keeping the team moving in a forward direction, as well as keeping track of our budget. I also pulled in Cedric Kennedy and his group of students to work on the business plan side of the grant. The prototype is on track to be tested in early February at the latest.

Lasersaur[edit | edit source]

The Lasersaur is finally coming together. I have been working on the electronics with Tate Hanawalt and on the software with Tate and Ian Peoples. The laser runs and both the door and E-stop buttons function as safety stops, and the laser tube itself is now all boxed up. After doing to some research, I made the decision to replace the stock control board with the much simpler Smoothieboard. However, the Smoothieboard documentation is seriously lacking on the software side, so we are currently in the process of establishing a solid software toolchain. All of the changes made to the software will be up and documented on Appropedia and Github in January once we finish polishing it up. I anticipate this laser cutter to be a big money maker for the enterprise by the time I graduate in the spring.

EE 4777[edit | edit source]

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