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Name: Leabeth Mae Peterson

About Me[edit | edit source]

I am a fun and easy going person and more often than not I am smiling. I'm studying Environmental Resources Engineering at HSU because I want to use my knowledge to better the future. In my spare time (which I don't have too much of as all ERE majors can relate to) I like to read, play pool, hike, go to the beach, hang with my fiance and some other stuff of course, but let's move on. I have really been enjoying Humboldt county and I'm enjoying school even more. I feel fortunate to be in the company of friendly peers and dedicated professors. If you want to know more about me there's always Facebook.

Major[edit | edit source]

Engineering 215 Fall 2011 Portfolio[edit | edit source]

For Engineering 215 Introduction to Design, my group and I worked for the client Flock house My groups name was team Biopod, and our objective was to build two solar dehydration units for the client. During the design process there were many documents that contributed to the overall outcome of my Engineering 215 experience.

  • During the design process, team Biopod created a design document. This is a sample of our final document made for Lonny Grafman and our client, the Flock House: 215 Engineering Document
  • My team also had to demonstrate use of project planning software, take a look at this Gantt Chart: Example Gantt Chart
  • Next is a sample of an AutoCAD drawing, this particular AutoCAD was done for my Engineering 210 Class, Statics: Statics AutoCAD
  • The following link is an example of a memo made for the Specifications section of the design document: Example Memo
  • And finally the file that follows is an example of an excel spreadsheet, which is also my overall time sheet made from the Biopod experience: Example Spreadsheet

For more information about team Biopod and our Engineering 215 project go to Biopod

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  1. Learning teamwork and project management
  2. Being able to build projects with sustainability and the environment in mind
  3. Working in collaboration with team members

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  1. Currently finishing Calculus III
  2. Currently enrolled in Statics. With the help of four other students, built a miniature bridge made of spaghetti and electrical tape that was only 12 inches long and around 4 inches wide that held 7 textbooks. This was achieved using only one roll of electrical tape, and 370 pieces of spaghetti, which was a better use of materials than solutions presented by other teams.
  3. Took a technical writing class geared for engineering majors.
  4. Finishing up Lonny Grafman's Engineering 215 Introduction to Design. Successfully completing an extremely large project!
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