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Name Ken Messina
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Location Michigan, USA
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 777 Users 2019
Courses MY4777
Registered 2019
Impact 466
Contributions Hand Wood Planer

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI where I was fully engaged in sports and the outdoors. The love and passion for the outdoors is something that not only geared my focus towards MTU but is something that holds my interests to this day.

Mechanical engineering student with a minor in manufacturing at Michigan Technological University. I have prior work experience in the automotive, paper, and legal industries. For the automotive industry, I worked at Hi-Lex Corporation for 2 summers, where I was fully engaged in not only testing and quality, but also research and development work on window regulators. The summer following, I took an 8 month co-op for Kimberly Clark where I worked as a mechanical process engineer. this job led me into a deep background of pneumatic's. The last company I worked for is Foley and Lardner LLP, where I was a summer patent agent. This opportunity took me in depth into the legal world, where I will reside post graduation.

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