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MOST Delta filament as guide.JPG This page was part of an MTU course MSE4777 OA and MSE4777 OB/MSE5777/EE4777/EE5777: Open-source 3-D printing

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John Wyrzykowski
Prof portrait photo jjwyrzyk.PNG
Introduce yourself and your interests.

My name is John Wyrzykowski, and I'm a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major at Michigan Tech. I have loved engineering from a young age, and love woodworking, 3D design, and programming to accomplish my goals. I have had multiple engineering internships, and am always eager to apply those skills and knowledge to actualize my ideas. In addition to engineering, I love the outdoors, and am an avid climber, skier, and mountain biker.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit]

List and link to other projects.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit]

Proof of Print Build Online Students[edit]

Online students post link to your Youtube video here, put in Title

Everyone's Mini Projects[edit]

My Athena II  
3D_Printing_Failure_Database example (make sure to email documents to Alex - at least 1 but can submit more than 1 for additional chances at filament)  

Big Projects[edit]

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