Anthropology BA with concentration in economic development from HSU.

Currently pursuing a dense knowledge of appropriate technology, design and implementation methodology - particularly in the areas of permaculture design, photovoltaics and a bit of natural building. I would also like to get into biodiesel, wastewater treatment, greywater/blackwater, rainwater collection, and microhydro a bit more.

Five years experience working with youth (k-12), mostly in the environmental sector. I am now working with the HSU study abroad program in Parras Mexico, teaching Photovoltaic Design.

In 2007, I am looking to pursue a License from the Permaforest Trust in Australia for Permaculture Design Consultation.

Recent projects[edit | edit source]

I realize I am detrimentally lacking with my photos of recent projects - at least with posting them. They´ll be up soon.

When is soon though? Also would like the update on Australia AND I couldn't find any info on Foundation of Sustainable Development Nicaragua - does this still exist???

Photovoltaics: Please check out the Argentina Photovoltaics on appropedia. It is under construction always, and is definately lacking in photos. I won´t go into detail here cause you can check it out for yourself on that page.

Another PV project I worked on with a team, in which we constructed a solar fountain inside of a pond (that we also designed and implemented). There will be a link to these photos and further information available in the future.

Natural Building: I have taken part in three natural building projects in the last three months. All three projects were cobb benches - Bloomfield Elementary (Arcata), Manilla Community Center (Manilla), and Trillium Charter School (Arcata). The initial project at Bloomfield was taught by a friend of mine, while the other two I taught. I will make a new sight for the Trillium Cobb Bench since this was where I worked all year long (summer 2005 to summer 2006), and since we will be doing more natural building at this sight in the future.

Permaculture: Most of my permaculture knowledge comes from my curiosity in the subject. I feel that permaculture is highly valuable, extremely promising and very practical for many developing nations. I would like to pursue further knowledge and experience working with permaculture design and implementation techniques in the future.

My experience comes from working on several farms throughout Nicaragua and Costa Rica. All were organic permaculture farms. I've got many stories and insights I would like to share soon.

Category[edit | edit source]

Check out 'Photovoltaic' for information on PV systems and the specifics on each component. This site has been designed as a tutorial for anyone interested in designing a photovoltaic system.

There are also many suggestions as to the order/process recommended to go about the planning and creating of your project on the ´Argentina Photovoltaics´ page.

Feel free to post any questions you might have on this page if there is something I did not mention about PV systems on either page. Please check out a wiki page to get more info on the atomic level of pv cells, manufacturing and disposal processes.

Internships[edit | edit source]

Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center - Indiana

Foundation of Sustainable Development - Nicaragua

Cascada Verde Permaculture - Costa Rica

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