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Harris Neill[edit | edit source]


My name is Harris Neill and I am a Junior at Michigan Technological University (MTU). My field of study is Computer Engineering. I am mostly interested in the inner workings and design of SoCs, leaning more towards the hardware side of my degree.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Computers Robotics Programming Open Source

Experience[edit | edit source]

Eight months as a Verification Engineer at Western Digital

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Spring 2021

Cinematography Quadcopter

I joined the Quadcopter team this semester. The team consists of myself, Dylan Mercier, and Joaquin Ganoza. The main goal for the semester was to get a working prototype or at least be close to one. I primarily worked on the code and the wiring. I managed to get the opensource software 'multiwii' to function on our Arduino Uno and IMU board. Progress has slowed down as we wait for parts, but whenever we have the ability to continue, we do. The next steps for myself or someone in my position simply need to tune the controls and sensors once the drone is capable of flight.

Fall 2020

Industrial Recyclebot

This Semester I am working on the Recyclebot Industrial V2. So far I have helped wire a few components and have spent some time trying to familiarize myself with the project.

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