Grew up on a dairy farm in a small-town in Wisconsin. I have a passion for agriculture, outdoors, and adventures. I enjoy things like running Tough Mudders, going on an African Safari hunt, and hunting mountain lion in Montana. I just don't like to sit.

Prior to engineering experience, my background on the farm gave me the work-ethic in school and my career I have today. I am a 5th-year Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Manufacturing at Michigan Technological University. I will be graduating in December of 2019 with a job offer signed with Miller Electric as a Mechanical Engineer in their Power Systems Division. Throughout my college career, I have had three internships. During my 2nd-year, I took a semester off of school to do a 9-month co-op (January to August 2017) with Expera Specialty Solutions (paper mill) in De Pere, Wisconsin, with a maintenance management role. In the summer 2018, I interned at Loram Maintenance of Way (rail maintenance equipment designer, manufacturer, and operator) in Medina, Minnesota, as a Mechanical Engineer in the Product Support Group. My most recent internship was during the summer of 2019 with Miller Electric (welder manufacturer) in Appleton, Wisconsin, as a Manufacturing Engineer intern in their Power Systems Division.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Currently do not have any relevant past or present work related to Appropedia.

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Dan Tauchen MSE4777 Build 777OS3DP

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