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Hello! This is my page for my open source 3D printing class at Michigan Technological University.

David Eychaner is graduating from Michigan Tech with a Major in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Manufacturing and Military Science. He will be an Engineer Lieutenant in the Illinois National Guard. While he has work experience in manufacturing for the automotive industry utilizing root cause analysis as well as automating processes, he enjoys being a maker with his two 3D printers.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

This is my first experience utilizing appropedia. Will update when projects are finished.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit | edit source]

Proof of Print Build Online Students[edit | edit source]

First Print Using Rep Rap Athena II (Tesla Logo)

My Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

Big Projects[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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