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HSU[edit | edit source]

Locally Delicious Worm Bin for School - a project for the Six Rivers Region, Northern California.

Solar Charged Lawnmower: Converting an old lawnmower into a solar charged, low emission, almost silent lawn cutting machine. NOTE: this is very catchy, but if we use it in our communications, we must emphasize the learning experience - lest it be thought that we're seriously advocating this model of solar powered lawnmower.

Overseas programs[edit | edit source]

Insulating a heat exchanger with wood chips for the Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System - a summer project in Northern Mexico, 2005.

File:Thebuildteam.jpg Construction of an Affordable Greenhouse, built in a window by a team from a Queen's University 4th year mechanical engineering class.

Queens University[edit | edit source]

Open Solar Outdoors Test Field, partnership between the Applied Sustainability Research Group run by Dr. Joshua Pearce at Queen’s University and the Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre (SEARC) at St. Lawrence College headed by Adegboyega (Babs) Babasola.
OSOTF site, January 2011. Studying effects of snow on photovoltaic performance.