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Academic Background[edit | edit source]

Anita So is a third year undergraduate Student at Western University pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Integrated Engineering and the 2021 recipient for Shamrock Foundation Award in Engineering. She has a keen interest in design thinking and business.

Research Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Designing for accessibility and customization of healthcare devices
  • Improvement towards healthcare technologies, particularly mobility aid
  • Development of open source technology

Experience[edit | edit source]

FAST Research Group, May – August 2022

  • Research work was focused on designing/prototyping open-source 3D-printable mobility devices with sustainable material to make it more environmentally friendly, increase its accessibly across the world, and improve the overall design. Great use of human centric design to create an effective solution to meet both the users needs and wants.
  • Developed strong CAD and designing skills tailored to 3D-printing and knowledge on 3D printers.
  • Redesigned a 3D printed folding mechanism for a standard walker to require less physical parts resulting in a more cost-effective design and easier assembly method.

RBC Design Thinking Program, January – March 2022

  • A competitive 3 month program for second year Western students aimed at developing design thinking and human-centric approaches to problem-solving through weekly workshops. It also gives students an environment to work through ethical and social issues using design thinking frameworks and tools.

How To Change The World Program, November 2021

  • A four day intensive program tackling design thinking and real-world sustainability and innovation challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants were supported by a world-class global teaching team, and received guidance from a diverse range of sustainability/innovation experts and local stakeholders from around the world.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Faculty Orientation Leader - Western University, September 2021 - April 2022

Western DECA Director of Finance, September 2021 - April 2022

Previous Projects[edit | edit source]

Automated Door Handle - The purpose of this personal project is to investigate a more human-centric and innovative design of a door handle that eliminates the harsh twisting motion required by automating it using a proximity sensor, motor-powered mechanism.

Literature Review: Open-Source Mobility Aids - A depository of literature review containing information to assist in the design of the world's first 3-D printed, open-source mobility aid devices such as walking canes, static walkers, and rollators.

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