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Hello my name is Alex Buangsuwon and I am a student at Cal poly Humboldt. As of last year I was the External/physical site Co-director at CCAT. Now I am the Outreach Coordinator for Green Campus. At CCAT I've been involved in projects such as the deconstruction of the former "yurt", Taking part in hundreds of hours of organic gardening, and finding appropriate solutions to sustainable focused problems. As well as helping manage the ENG 305 Projects of Spring '22, specifically the Pond Project.


  1. Learning new ways to better challenge and overcome obstacles having to do with appropriate technology.
  2. I have an interest in compost and organic gardening. I also carry a lot of experience in this field.
  3. I really love everything that has to do with community outreach, and education, specifically on appropriate technology. I think the use and practice of appropriate tech is incredibly important.
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