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Name Abigail
Registered 2007
Impact 1,293
Contributions Old Growth Cellar rainwater catchment
Bottoms strawbale earthen plaster

I began porting this past spring as part of my responsibility as a TA for an Appropriate Technology course. Although at times working with tables or footnotes may have been frustrating, overall I found the experience rewarding. I learned a great deal about projects taking place around the world, as well as, practical information. Porting required me to be very detailed oriented, which is something I need to work on. I received a great deal of help from Curt with porting, all of my questions were answered, and I was always directed to the right page to find solutions to my challenges. Now that I know how porting works I intend to continue helping Appropedia when I can. For the amount of time I have put into porting I think the experience more than paid for itself.

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(Abigail will be unavailable for porting during the Summer 2007. Please contact another porting helper.)

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