Hi I am Mike.

I just graduated in Engineering Physics at Queen's University and I am now doing a Master's at Queen's University on PV/T's under the supervisor of Dr. Harrison and Dr. Pearce.


Introduction (Literature Review) [May 2010]

  • Photovoltaic Solar Thermal System (PVT)
    • What's been done up til now / what's avaliable
    • How they are built / issues
      • Different materials used
  • Amorphous Silicon
    • What's been done
    • Currently known properties and tests
    • Semiconductor Physics

Methodology [May 2011]

  • Test properties of amorphous silicon samples
    • Elispometer
    • Degradation Station
    • Reflectometer
    • Other Tests to be decided once further research into the subject is completed
  • Theoretical predictions

Results [June 2011 -- will be ongoing using tests]

  • Tests {see above}
  • Compare experimental and theoretical
  • Talk about different changes to samples and what happened

Discussion [September 2011]

  • Effects of changing properties of samples
  • Implications for the furture

Conclusion [September 2011]

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