This page lists Upcoming Appropedia related conferences.

Finding conferences:

  • Look up WiserEarth's Conference/Seminar category and click Advanced search - topics and location can also be searched. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to allow sorting by date (it's mostly older conferences first, but some are out of order). This is a problem if there are many results. So, scan down the right hand side where dates are shown in a box. (It's possible to add the year in Keywords but if the date is in the date field but not in the description, that might result in false negatives, i.e. good results being excluded?)
  • See Past conferences - many of the conferences will be repeated.

Question: Should WiserEarth be used for more complete searches, with this page only used to highlight conferences of particularly strong relevance to Appropedia?

Note: to add to the table, just copy the formatting of other lines in the table. If you're not sure, just add it in raw text before the table (or on the talk page) and someone will help fix the formatting.

Ordered by date - earliest conferences first. Note: Old conferences should be moved to Past conferences and not simply deleted.

Conference (with link) Topics Location Date Notes
Managing Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future tech, sust Brighton 27th - 29th August 2008 The deadline for submitting an abstract is 15 December 2007.
Wikimania 2008 wikis Alexandria, Egypt (early?) August 2008 Wikimedia and other wiki projects
WikiSym 2008 wikis Oporto, Portugal early September 2008

Finding conferences[edit | edit source]

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