Half of the world lives on $2.50/day or less.

Spend one week living on this amount. Try not to use food from your cupboards or friends. Acknowledge and accept the free resources available to you such as the bus and purified water fountains.

Write a 1/2 page reflection at the end of the week.

Practicing Poverty
D-Lab "For the next week, limit your spending to $2 per day. Try to minimize your reliance on pre-existing resources (such as using food that is in the pantry, eating your room-mates leftovers etc.)."
Two Dollar Challenge
University of Mary Washington "For five days and four nights we constrain our daily income to two dollars. Those four nights are spent in makeshift shelters on campus. We also limit our access to water, clothing, and other preexisting sources of wealth. For every day and night successfully completed sponsors donate funds to the Challenge."
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