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Tunisia Polytechnic School:First Engineering School in Tunisia[edit | edit source]

Access[edit | edit source]

Tunisia Polytechnic School (TPS) is a center of excellence in engineering education system in Tunisia.

Since its opening in September 1994, Tunisia Polytechnic School has taken great strides. It offers its students a versatile and multidisciplinary high level.

Each year, 50 students are enrolled. They must have successfully passed the National Exam for entrance to Engineering Schools , as only the top 2% could be selected.

The curriculum includes general teaching of basic sciences and engineering techniques, including a large number of mini-projects. Language courses, lectures and presentations allow the polytechnic to develop students’ communication skills.

Engineering learning program[edit | edit source]

The academic training at TPS relies on a high-level multidisciplinary teaching. 7 disciplines are equally provided during the first five terms : Applied mathematics , Physics and processes, ICT, Economics and Management Sciences, Mechanics and Structures , Signal and systems , and great importance is given to Languages and Humanities.

Three international options[edit | edit source]

  • MEST : Mechanics and Structures : Industrial Mechanics , Civil Engineering ,Energetic Engineering
  • EGES :Economics and Scientific Management : Management , Financial and Economic Analysis
  • SISY : Signals and Systems : Computer sciences , electronics , Control engineering, Telecommunications

Virtuel visit to TPS[edit | edit source]

Clic on link to watch virtual visit to TPS realised by TPS Students

Clubs[edit | edit source]

TPS students are very active and animate during their free time many clubs. They have the responsibility to manage their locals , participate in competitions and exchange knowledge via presentation and group learning.

Laboratories[edit | edit source]

  • LEGI : Laboratory of Economics and Industrial Management
  • LIM : Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering
  • LASMAP : Laboratory of Structure and Mechanics
  • Research Unit URCSE : design electronic systems

LASMAP: Applied Mechanics and Systems Research Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Themes of research[edit | edit source]

  • Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (Memas)
  • Structural Dynamics and Interaction (DYSTI)
  • Modelling, Optimisation and IDentification Systems (MIDOS)
  • Mechanics Applied Renewable Energy (Maper)

Main projects[edit | edit source]

//under construction 

Main projects in the field of energetics realised in LASMAP are :

  • Study of wind turbines (structure optimization using composites)
  • Harvesting electrical power from mechanical vibration
  • Flows and transfers in the production of renewable energy
  • Research on fuel cells lead by Pr.Melik Sahroui(departement head of Mechanics and Structures departement)

Further refrences and publications about those projects will be soon refrenced.

Every three years LASMAP organizes an international Franco-Tunisian seminar. The last version of 2010 dealt with "Sustainable construction: from design to realization." Clic on link to access to the seminar webpage.

Research publications

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