Turn a much loved but no longer wearable sweater (jumper) into a pillow for your own use or for a companion animal.

Be absolutely certain you don't want the sweater anymore! Once it's cut and stitched, that's it, it's finished its days as a sweater.

Middle piece pillow[edit | edit source]

This method uses only the torso section of the sweater to create a neat pillow.

  1. Cut right across the sweater, just under the armpit area. This will separate the sleeves and neck areas of the sweater from the rest of it. Set aside the sleeves, etc.
  2. Take the large central portion of the sweater for transforming. Sew the cut edge first, as it will probably already be attempting to unravel. Sew the edge together using zigzag stitch, to prevent it from unraveling and to seal the edge completely.
  3. Sew halfway across the bottom edge of the sweater. Stop halfway to allow room for stuffing the sweater. Stuff with padding or filling of your choice. This could include the unwanted sleeves and neck portion, old fabric, clean pantyhose, leftover filling from other projects, etc.
  4. Finish sewing the base of the sweater neatly. The sweater pillow is now ready for use.

Whole sweater pillow[edit | edit source]

This method uses the whole sweater to create a sweater-shaped cuddly pillow.

  1. Sew the bottom and cuffs of the sweater closed. Use a zigzag stitch.
  2. Through the neck, stuff the sweater as firmly as possible. Use padding, filling, fabric scraps, clean pantyhose, etc., to serve as the filling.
  3. Sew the neck hold shut. The pillow is now ready, in the exact shape of the sweater. This is a cuddly buddy pillow, for snuggling up with or it can be a fun one for the dogs and cats in your life.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Cut off sleeves can be used as decorative elements on the pillow, such as wrapping them around it or turning them into a bow and stitching this in place.
  • Use strong stitching to ensure that the pillow edges are closed firmly. Considerable pressure is placed on the pillow when lying or sitting on it.
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