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Health Topic Maternal mortality
Classification Diagnosis
Scope Clinical trial
Location Africa, Asia, South America

Problem being addressed[edit]

Detecting anemia is crucial to curbing maternal and neonatal mortality, however, conventional, and often expensive and fragile, diagnostic mechanisms are not compatible with low-resource settings as they require electrical support and skilled healthcare workers.

Detailed description of the solution[edit]

ToucHB is a cost-effective, handheld, and non-invasive hemoglobin level scanner, which in combination with an accompanying chart, allows health workers to accurately and easily diagnose anemia in a variety of settings. The device shines light of different wavelengths through the tissue of the patient’s finger and determines the hemoglobin concentration in the tissue based on hemoglobin’s characteristic absorbance. ToucHB is durable and is supported by a rechargeable battery and a hand crank mechanism. Efforts are underway to integrate the technology with mobile devices using platforms such as Android, and the hardware is also being refined to be smaller and faster.

Designed by[edit]

  • Designed by: This device was designed by innovators Abhishek Sen and his team at Biosense Technologies Private Limited.
  • Manufacturer (if different): Biosense
  • Manufacturer location: Mumbai, India

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit]

The product has been tested in primary healthcare centers in Parole and Bhatane, Maharashtra India.

Funding Source[edit]

This device received funding from the following:

  • Sankalp Award for “Best Emerging Company in Healthcare 2009”
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Techfest 2008
  • Piramal Prize 2008
  • Grand Prize in Global Health at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2010
  • Biosense Technologies Private Limited (a for-profit corporation)


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Externally generated reports[edit]

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